Klexikon.de ist die Wikipedia für Kinder, auf MiniKlexikon.de sogar in leichter Sprache

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Aus Klexikon – das Kinderlexikon
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Where children look it up

The 'Klexikon' is an encyclopedia for children. It exists only in German and as a website. The name comes from the German words 'Kinder' and 'Lexikon', children and encyclopedia. There is, though, an emerging Klexikon version in English.

The wiki was established in November 2014 and contains more than 3000 articles. Our content is easy to read and suited for children from the age of eight to thirteen years. Everyone is invited to join, but a registration is needed. You can receive an account from an administrator.

The Klexikon was found by the journalist Michael Schulte and the historian Ziko van Dijk. It was boosted by the support of Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE). WMDE is the association that supports also Wikipedia in Germany. Host of the Klexikon wiki is ZUM, a German association of teachers that already works with several wikis.

More information in English you can find at the Meta Wiki of the Wikimedia Movement. There is also an article about the Klexikon in English Wikipedia.

If you have questions, you are very welcome: kontakt@klexikon.de